Interasso Nantes

The rich network of membership of Interasso Nantes allow to propose to the Nantes student different typ of project.

sustainable development and well-being

- cook-tutorial to good eat for little money
- Some events for the struggle against the waste
- "Eco-week", week of raising awareness to the environmental protection
- "Cleen Walk" with some other organisation.

solidarity and health

- Take part of the "Téléthon"
- Actions for "pink october", "movember", "blue march" ...
- Event to raise awareness to the disability

Struggle against precariousness

 - Food distribution in partnership with 'SurpreNantes Epicerie"
- Stand to inform and help on the social helps
- Solidarity Bradery of clothes and furnitures

Fun and sporting events 

- Preparation of olympic games between all typs of University of Nantes
- Musical springboard
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