Interasso Nantes


Interasso Nantes is the federation of student union of Nantes, La Roche sur Yon and Saint-Nazaire. It is a non-profit organisation right 1901.

Born in 2012, it has for goal to federate the majority of association and student representative from Nantes and his region. It has for goal to defend and represent all of the student community. 

Interasso Nantes want to bring together the student union from each parts of the University , school or institute. Interasso Nantes depends not of any political part or trade union. The defence of the rights and interests of students and the improvement of the students life conditions are our priority.

Interasso Nantes is the first organisation of representative student of the Nantes University ( elections of 2020 : 4/6 in AC, 11/16 in CFVU, 5/6 in CURI) . We represent you in all the council of University of Nantes, and in CROUS Pays de la Loire. We are recognize by different institution or collectivity : Nantes Métropole, city of Nantes, Pays de la Loire region, CESER, Pacte Pouvoir de Vivre...  

We are an local organisation but thanks our FAGE join, we defend student in the national place, in the CNOUS and the CNESER.



At Interasso Nantes, we are some student from each part of Nantes University and from different university level. Here they are :

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